Measurement technology for hydrogen applications

Unique instrumentation solutions to optimise your application

Supporting the energy transition and sustainability is at the top of KROHNE’s agenda. Hydrogen will play a crucial role in decarbonisation of the industry. On the way to a more sustainable world hydrogen is one of the essential energy carriers of the future. Availability of hydrogen could be one of the central pillars of the energy transition.  We support our customers in the challenges posed by hydrogen with our know-how and technologies.

In addition to the only certified flow computer for hydrogen applications currently on the market, KROHNE offers solutions for all aspects of custody transfer metering. Our metering systems are perfectly tailored to the requirements of hydrogen and hydrogen-natural gas mixtures. Impurities such as H2O, O2, CO2, CO or CH4 have virtually no influence on the measuring accuracy, nor do low operating densities. Our ALTOSONIC V12 flowmeter is available with titanium and epoxy-based transducers and is therewith not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement at high temperatures. KROHNE also offers a solution for hydrogen pipeline monitoring.  PipePatrol is a state-of-the-art system for pipeline management, leak detection and localization. It is one of the most sensitive internal leak detection system (LDS) on the market and provides accurate leak information for a high level of safety.

We encourage you to contact us for a meeting in person or online, to discuss measurement improvement potential of your application. With our industry and application expertise and high-quality products, we can help you improve your manufacturing processes.

  • Flow measurement of pure hydrogen as well as hydrogen-natural gas mixtures

  • Custody transfer metering systems for pure hydrogen and hydrogen/natural gas mixtures

  • The most sensitive internal leak detection system (LDS) for pipelines on the market

  • The first flow computer on the market certified for hydrogen applications


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