Evolution of your New Food production from batch to inline

Replace traditional methods of weighing your ingredients on scales by inline weight and mass flow measurement – suitable for soy, wheat or lupine based pulp and slurries.

A high-quality product often means a challenging production process. Manufacturers of plant-based meat and fish substitutes have special requirements, starting with the input logistics through to the measurement accurate to the gram. KROHNE has a dedicated Global Industry Division which accepts these challenges and offers individual measurement solutions.

KROHNE is aware of the high quality demands required by sensitive media – but also of the necessity to reduce costs in order to bring products to the market at a lower price. To meet these challenges, it is possible to replace the conventional trolleys with inline measurement devices from KROHNE.

When it comes to the recipe, every gram is crucial, especially when weighing your main ingredients. By weighing them inline, in real-time with Coriolis mass flow devices, you are able to save money -and time. Producers of New Foods can benefit from these advantages despite the presence of fibres, solids or air entrainment in the slurry, dough or other kind of mash.

  • High accuracy flow measurement of slurries and the final product

  • Continuous level measurement in small and narrow tanks with agitators

  • Point level detection of tough, pasty or highly adhesive media

  • Change production from a batch to an inline blending principle

Specialists from our dedicated Food & Beverage division are at your disposal to meet your process challenges, worldwide. Being an instrumentation supplier for the Food & Beverage industry for over 20 years, we have gained industry- and application-specific know-how that we have incorporated into our devices and solutions.

Unlock improvements to give faster production and tighter control of core and costly ingredients

Handling of base ingredients

Measuring your process

Filling/dosing your final product

One of the biggest challenges in the production of plant-based substitutes for meat and fish is to increase efficiency at lower costs without compromising the texture of the final product – the key to consumer acceptance of PBMA and PBFA. The extrusion process creates textures that are as close as possible to the meat or fish that is the target to be replaced. Maintaining all ingredients in precisely the right proportions (+0.1% accuracy of mass is possible), at the right density, at the correct cooking or cooling temperature at the required operating pressure is what we take care of.

During the handling of base ingredients KROHNE offers tank level measurement solutions for the automation of storage management. Precise sensor technology and inline weight and mass flow measurement enables a more efficient processing in production. Filling and dosing of your final product can be measured with excellent accuracy and stability with our dedicated flowmeters and systems designed for filling machines and processes.

Enabling measurement technology for New Food production

Your production processes are as individual as your products. KROHNE offers measurement technology that is precisely adapted to your needs and processes. Several special features help optimise your production:

High accuracy flow measurement of slurries and the final product

Our Coriolis flowmeters with EGM™ entrained gas management maintain operation and high repeatability of measurements – despite the presence of fibres, solids or air entrainment in the slurry, dough or any other kind of mash. Mass flow and direct density measurement of aerated products is already possible in the mixed stage.

Case study ›

Continuous level measurement in small and narrow tanks with agitators

Our hygienic radar level devices ensure reliable measurement independent of process conditions like temperature, pressure, density, viscosity or mixed gases and steam. It is particularly suitable for liquid applications in small tanks with internal obstructions like agitators. This continuous measurement enables an automated process that keeps stock levels constantly replenished and maximises product output.

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Point level detection of tough, pasty or highly adhesive media

Our capacitance level switches for advanced hygienic applications detect low or high level, so are often used as either dry-run or overfill protection. These devices are able to detect foam or even a change in media characteristics. They are easy to clean and the risk of clogging with product is minimised.

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Change production from a batch type to an inline blending principle

Our devices weigh soy, wheat, lupine or similar based slurries inline and in real time. This method eliminates process delays and interrupts and unlocks the potential to accelerate the production scale. In addition, unwanted production tolerances can be tightened and the highest repeatability will be enabled, even under challenging conditions.

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Tailor-made solutions for your processes

Our portfolio for the Food & Beverage industry contains products for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement as well as inline analysis in hygienic and auxiliary applications. The hygienic instruments feature conformity to EC 1935/2004 and FDA, and are EHEDG and 3A approved.

We offer flowmeters for low conductivity liquids and liquids with gas entrainment, mass and volume flowmeters for precise control of filling machines, and non-contact level transmitters for liquids and solids – even in dusty atmospheres, without any need for air purge. A wide range of hygienic connections are available for all instruments.

Our product portfolio for the food & beverage industry

Flow measurement

Flowmeters, flow controllers and flow accessories

Level measurement

Transmitters, switches, indicators and accessories for level measurement

Pressure measurement

Process instruments for pressure and differential pressure applications

Temperature measurement

Assemblies, sensors, transmitters and accessories for temperature measurement

Process analytics

Sensors, assemblies, transmitters, systems and accessories for process analysis

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