AF-E 400

Electromagnetic flowmeter for utilities and industrial automation

Compact, robust, reliable and cost-effective – these are important characteristics of instrumentation in industrial automation: The AF-E 400 is the culmination of KROHNE expertise in a best-in-class electromagnetic flowmeter specially designed for this industry.

AF-E 400

Typical applications

Product Highlights

High temperature capability and accuracy

The AF-E 400 features for example the highest temperature capability. The continuous use at +90°C/+194°F liquid temperature allows its operation in very demanding cooling and hot water applications.

Installation in tight spaces without crosstalk

The AF-E 400 was designed with tight spaces in mind. An electromagnetic flowmeter typically carries the risk of crosstalk. It can influence the measurement of another device installed close to it because of magnetic field overlap.

Extensive self-diagnostics

Thanks to extensive self-diagnostics an reliable operation can be assured. The meter continuously monitors several critical aspects.

Round bore sensor design

Round bore sensor design

Where other producers sometimes choose a rectangular bore, the AF-E 400 flow tube has been designed with a round bore. This makes the flowmeter more resilient against increased pressure. The small reduction in the round bore straightens inconsistencies in the flow profile and removes the need for inlet and outlet runs.

Integrated temperature measurement

Integrated temperature measurement eliminates need for additional intrusion points and provides more data from the process.

Plug-and-play IO-Link

Connecting industrial networks using the IO-Link communication standard is versatile, fast and efficient – from the controller down to the lowest level of automation.

Product Design

Round bore sensor design

The design of the AF-E 400 is specifically adjusted for ultra-compact installation. Three small PCBs (Printed Circuitry Board) are stacked in the device to enable the sleekest housing construction. This allows installation in distribution manifolds or cabinets where tubes are usually very closely spaced. Its 2 mm /0.08’’-thick casted stainless-steel housing also makes the AF-E 400 much more robust than the plastic or sheet metal housings used in similar products on the market.

Thanks to the rotatable, bright full-colour display excellent readability is guaranteed from every angle. Harmonisation of the housing design across connection types allows easy integration no matter what threaded connection or diameter is chosen.

Product Design AF-E 400

Quick commissioning

The factory settings of the device make plug-and-play installation possible. Thanks to the flow ranges later adjustments are unnecessary.

Technical Data

ConductivityDown to 20 µS/cm
Measuring rangeDN6: 0.005…5 l/min ; DN15: 0.05…35 l/min;
DN20: 0.1…75 l/min ; DN25: 0.2…150 l/min
DN50 (2″): 0.5…500 l/min
Measuring accuracy±0.8% MV ±0.2% FS (up to +70°C/+158°F);
±1.5% MV ±0.2% FS (up to +90°C/+194°F)
Nominal sizesDN6: 15; 20; 25 (¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1″)
DN40…50: (1½”…2”) solution on request
Nominal pressure16 bar/232 psi
Process temperature-20…+90°C/-4…+194°F
Ambient temperatureUp to +60°C/+140°F
Measuring TubePEEK (glass fibre reinforced)
ElectrodesCarbon PEEK
Wetted materialsStainless Steel 1.4404/316L, PEEK GF, Carbon. Internal gaskets EPDM or FKM.
Centellen gasket supplied with G connection type
Housing materialsStainless Steel 1.4404/316L,(housing)
ULTEM, PBT, PC-GF30 (face plate, buttons)
Protection classIP 65, 67
Weightless than 750 gram
ConnectionG male, NPT female, Rc female
Dimensions hxwxl73 x 48 x 110mm
Power supply24 VDC
Signal output4…20 mA, frequency, pulse switch, IO link OR 2x 4…20 mA or Modbus
Inlets and Outlets0D/0D
ApprovalsKTW, ACS, Reg 31, cULus

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